The Casino Affiliate Webmaster

The Casino Affiliate webmaster operates in a world where a lot of money changes hands. Greed can lead to the webmaster not being rewarded properly. It pays to feature programs where honesty and integrity are proven. It pays to be a part of the community to keep you finger on the pulse of the industry.

It's not all about the Casino Affiliate Program but it certainly is a huge part of the operating environment of the Casino Affiliate Webmaster. There are certain things which should be done when starting out and perhaps the most important of all is reading the forums. Read the community forums to find out which programs are the most successful. Join the following forums:

  • Gambling Industry Association - A community of "old salts" who know the industry well and are willing to share their knowledge and experience.
  • GPWA - The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association is a solid community of webmasters who will generally go out of their way to help a new webmaster.
  • CAP - THe Casino Affiliate Programs forum has a base of seasoned webmasters who are generally on top of things wrong with the industry.
  • APCW - The Association of Professional Casino Webmasters is a webmaster group who monitor the performance of affiliate programs.
The webmaster can also visit the active player forums to keep abreast of the behavious of the various casinos. Good payers with a great reputation get a mention but the baddies hog the spotlight. Promoting a bad casino is surely no way to build a successful gambling portal. Here are a few great forums:
  • This Casino Sucks - Extreme outspoken webmasters and players who pull no punches hang out here. Great fun and more than a little honest.
  • Casinomeister - Bryan Bailey is the leading industry watchdog. His community is strong and can provide great feedback about who to promote.

I have not mentioned all the forums because in most cases, matters will be repeated across forums. The above forums will carry all the relevant news.

Where should you affiliate?

OK, lot's of talk, now on to our recommended programs. If we don't recommend them, then that does NOT mean they are not OK. These are just the programs we like and are willing to promote.

Brightshare 4 casinos, a poker room, and a wireless casino, 2 Tiers, Microgaming software, up to 42% commission
Casino Blasters 5 Casinos, related Poker Rooms, a bingo hall, Playtech software, 2 Tiers, up to 51% commission
Gambling Wages 5 Casinos, 1 Bingo Hall, RealTime Gaming software, 2 Tiers, up to 55% commission
Vegas Affiliates 7 Casinos, Microgaming software, 3 Tiers, up to 39% commission
Wager Junction 8 Casinos, RealTime Gaming software, 2 Tiers, up to 55% commission
Wager Profits 4 Casinos, RealTime Gaming software, 2 Tiers, up to 37% commission


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