Online Casino Software

Online casinos are gaining in popularity, with new websites springing up almost daily around the world. But behind these successful casino sites are some of the world`s most powerful gambling software developers, who in total run into hundreds, possibly thousands of companies. Despite the volume of software developers who produce casino software, the majority of best known sites use just a handful of software packages, from such names as Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Top Game and Playtech.

One of the most popular and comprehensive casino software packages is from developers Microgaming. Operating since 1994, the company has developed a number of gambling software packages, most notably the Viper package which was released in 2002. This package has since become a benchmark that other developers aspire to meet and features a large number of highly interactive games and some of the best quality graphics in the industry. Used by a number of well known sites including Platinum Play and 7 Sultans, Microgaming reigns king of the casino software and the brand to aspire to.

Nipping at the heels of the Microgaming boys (and girls) is the Atlanta and Costa Rica company, Realtime Gaming. This company has been developing casino and gaming software since 1999 and offers a wide range of games with crisp graphics and smooth operation. Their most famous development to date has been their "Real Series" slot machine games which have been a big hit with online gamers the world over. Sites using this software include Slot Oasis, Cherry Red and Bodog.

Another top player in the online software market has to be Top Game Technology. Although one of the more recent additions to the developers circle, this company has certainly made an impact with their unique selling points and quick rise to fame. Boasting one of the fastest downloads on the market due to their creative use of compression, their games also feature plenty of 3D effects and attention to detail to rival any competitor.

An established company who seems to be going from strength to strength has to be Playtech, who have established themselves since the turn of the millennia as a top casino software developer. A UK brand, the company controversially do not accept US players on any of their sites, but in the UK certainly lead the pack with outstanding poker, bingo and kiosk games. Amongst their customers are some UK favourites including Play United, Golden Palace and Casino Tropez.

One final company to mention has to be Wizard Gaming who, despite being newcomers to the casino software industry seem to be on the road to success with their superbly engaging games and stunning graphics. As a newbie, the company doesn`t yet have a full suite of games available but is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future as they continue to develop some truly innovative and unique casino games.

Whilst not a comprehensive list of software providers by any means, these big players are some of the best in the business and one to check out for any company looking to start an online casino site. Another must is to get listed on bonus sites where the referral fee will be worth swallowing in return for the massive influx of traffic your site will receive.


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