About the game of Roulette

We discuss the game of roulette, how to play roulette, the types of roulette bets, and also offer some online casinos that have great online roulette games on offer.

A small white ball is rolled in one direction in a trough which has a numbered and slotted wheel, while the wheel is spun in the opposite direction! Once the ball comes to a stop in a numbered slot, that is then the winning number. The are 18 red slots and 18 black slots in the wheel and obviously 18 odd and 18 even numbers plus a zero or two sets of zeros. The European Roulette wheel has one green slot for the number 0 and the American basedRoulette wheel has an additional 00 green slot.

Betting options for Roulette

The house has the edge of 5.26% with the standard double-zero wheel, whilst the European roulette wheel only has one zero and reduces the house edge to 2.70%. The bets are generally classified in two, the Inside bets & the Outside bets. Inside bets - made on the numbers that are directly inside the numbered table. Outside bets - made on the betting area that surrounds the number layout.

The inside bets:

  • Single Number - Bet on 1 number - Double Zero or Zero - Pays 35 to 1
  • Split Bet - Bet on 2 numbers - place chip on line that separates the 2 numbers you are betting on - Pays 17 to 1
  • Corner Bet - Bet on 4 numbers - place chip on intersection of 4 numbers you are betting on - Pays 8 to 1
  • Street Bet - Bet on row of 3 numbers - place chip on line at the edge of the row you are betting on - Pays 11 to 1
  • Special Line Bet - This is one of a kind - bet on 5 adjoining numbers (American) of 0,00,1,2, and 3 - Pays 6 to 1
  • Line bet - Similar to the Street bet, you bet on 2 rows at the same time - Pays 5 to 1

The outside bets:

  • Dozens - Play 1 of the 3 horizontal sets of numbers - Pays 2 to 1
  • Odds or Evens - Pays 1 to 1
  • Red or Black - Pays 1 to 1
  • Column Bets - Play 1 of the 3 vertical columns of numbers - Pays 2 to 1
  • 1 - 18 - Bet on the first half of numbers EXCLUDING zeros - Pays 1 to 1
  • 19 - 36 - Bet on the second half of the numbers - Pays 1 to 1

Where to play Online Roulette (Our recommended Online Casinos)

With even money bets available, you won't find many casinos that will allow you to wager on roulette with their bonus monies. You'll need to either take a bonus that includes the right to play roulette online or you will need to contact support and ask them to please NOT issue you with a bonus. Keep all e-mail correspondence.

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