About The Best Casinos Guide

Silversands Online CasinoThe Best Casinos Guide has been created with one aim in mind and that is to send you to the best Online Casinos that we have personally dealt with - Online Casinos that we know operate with great pride and integrity.

With the number of Online Casinos that have come on line over the past couple of years, it has made it difficult for new players to the world of Online Gaming to choose a reputable Online Casino where one could experience great entertainment with the utmost of security.

As a beginner to Online Gaming, the most important fact you need to take into consideration is are you legally allowed to play. By this we mean that in some jurisdictions Gambling is illegal - so if you are not sure, you need to contact your local Government and clarify this. Secondly you HAVE to be over the age of 18 in most jurisdictions, however there are some jurisdictions that requires you to be of the age of 21 and over - again one needs to clarify this.

The next decision you need to make would be "how do I want to play". Some Online Casinos offer play in Flash - which means that you would not need to download the entire Casino Software. The service and security offered when playing in flash is no different to how you would play should you decide to download the FREE Casino Software that is offered. In fact the only difference would be that you would not necessarily have access to ALL the games.

When opening an account with any Online Casino, you will be required to give some personal information, this could be rather daunting, but all reputable Online Casinos have Software that protects this type of information, and in fact one can say that this is the most important criteria of all Online Casinos. Licenses would not be given, nor would any Online Casino retain their license if this important information was compromised in any way.

Having said that, this does not necessarily mean that all Online Casinos that have a license are reputable in other areas such as payments of winnings and jackpots etc. There have been a number of Online Casinos that have come under fire for delayed payments, and also for withholding payments for reasons that are not made clear to the clients.

As an attraction, Online Casinos offer different kinds of bonuses for signing up - these may include one off match bonuses for your first deposit at the Online Casino, and subsequent bonuses for further deposits. What has also become a norm lately, is the Online Casinos are offering a cash value bonuses with no deposit required just to try out their Casino and Software.

Some bonuses are awesome, but it is imperative that you read the conditions that may be attached to each bonus. As a general rule the Online Casino will credit your account immediately it has been approved, and then require you to play according to the conditions of that bonus which often means that you have to play through X amount of spins/value including your deposit before you can withdraw any monies. This is not something they have done with the intention of "catching" you, but one must understand their side of it in that they can not credit everyones account only to have that person withdraw 5 minutes later - they would be Bankrupt within 24 hours.

The majority of Online Casinos also offer for you to open a real account, and then play as a guest at their Casino - this is a great way of getting to know the Software and get the feel of the games on offer.


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