A guide for Beginners

So many questions, so few answers. Is it safe to play online? How do I deposit? I have a firewall. Will I be cheated or are the games rigged? We try and answer these questions for you in our beginners guide to the Best Casinos.

What does one need in order to play online? Well besides the obvious, that you have, a computer, internet connections one also needs to be of legal age. This could be between 18 & 21 depending on your country of residence. If you are not sure what the legal age is you can check this with your local authority as we are not able to guess where all our visitors come from. Finally you also need money. Either a credit card, or an e-Wallet like NETeller or Skrill.

With regards to safety you need not worry. Just as any internet banking transaction, these transactions are 128 bit encoded that prevents information being stolen. You may also worry whether you are going to be paid or not, well these casinos have been around for ages and really do honour their commitments. A perfect record is required by their licensors and if they are not able to pay they will lose their license so trust us, they pay.

Now that you have decided at which casino you wish to play, you need to decide if you are going to download the software or play in flash. There are obviously way more options when you download than if you play in flash however in flash you are able to access the casino from behind a firewall with ease. Now something that you need to remember is that all these casinos have a period of FREE PLAY and during this time you are able to familiarize yourself with some of the best online casino games and the software.

Random Number Generators

Now the only thing that may be worrying you is how does it all work, is there some person that lets his friend win at your expense, NO this is where a little casinos 101 applies. All these casinos, poker rooms, and bingo halls which also include real casino games such as slots and so forth are controlled by a non human program which is knows as a random number generator. We are basically talking about a machine that will randomly give you results for a coin flip. Heads, tails, tails, head... You get the idea. These programs have been tested by well known Chartered Accountants and truly do produce fair and random results. The best you can hope for is to make friends with support and/or bingo hall live chat participants and get given a few free credits!

With regards to support there is a toll free number on each of the sites and you are also able to access the support via live chat (popup window style) or you can just mail them. We do find their support very responsive and they are only too willing to help with any problems.

So gone are they days of dressing up in your best, just slip on your slippers and play online.

Some Golden Rules of Gambling

On to a less than popular subject, internet gamblers, as well as all other gamblers are potentially vulnerable to gambling addiction. This is not something to be taken lightly because it can become very serious. For some people this may mean just spending a little too much, but for others it may mean something as bad as financial ruin and the breaking up of a family. Here are the 5 golden rules to help avoid this.

  1. Budget - we at this site are fairly normal people, and not all of us have unlimited funds. What you have to do is create a monthly budget that you know you can afford to lose on gambling. After you do this each time you play, you have to make sure to deduct the amount you played from your budget. If you are losing then that money stays deducted, if you are winning you can play your winnings but not below that. If you happen to be losing too fast, then you have to chance to evaluate your play and slow down so that you can make the money last. Never go over your budget.
  2. Emotion - as we said before always live to the budget. If you happen to lose, smile, because it is truly going to happen a lot. The most important thing that you must not do is get mad and put more money into the game in an effort to win. This is surely the most destructive mood that you can ever get into.
  3. Alcohol - we spoken about having a handle on your emotions above. Believe me, your emotions and rationale will be impaired if you play while under the influence of alcohol. Playing while drinking gets you thinking the next day about where your money went.
  4. Can't lose systems - these are the things that you get in an email or on a website saying that you can learn the untold secrets of how to obtain wealth at Slots, or Video Poker, or whatever game you play. Now if you know what you are doing then you know that all of these games are random and that there are only specific number of possible results. A good calculator will tell you that the odds are always in favor of the casino. Now if you are truly looking to lose your money buy one of those can't lose systems and then you will be out of the cost of the system as well as the money you lose playing that system.
  5. Winners know when to stop - this is also called greed. A lot of the time a player wins a big sum of money and instead of seeing a new car or a house payment, you see it as much more money that you can play and try to double it. This is a very destructive pattern and it is very easy to be caught up in this, so if you win cash out at a certain point or you will no longer a winner.

This website is intended for informational purposes only and we will not be held responsible for the consequences of your use hereof. It is critical that you understand the laws that apply to online gambling in your country before proceeding to gamble online. For further information click here.